Treasurer ASUA Treasurer is in charge of setting and maintaining the ASUA budget for the Fiscal Year. The ASUA Treasurer works directly with the other Executive Officers in ASUA to maintain each account throughout the year and prepares a weekly updated budget, which is presented at Senate meetings.
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Every May, ten senators are inaugurated to serve a one year term. Each one of the senators is elected at large to represent the 32,000+ students at the University. Each member is self determinate and throughout the year they work to complete the issues they campaigned on. They determine their own course of action and are responsible to their constituents. General objectives are to take in as much student input as they can muster, using whatever creative means they can, and to accomplish their goals in the year that they are in office. These issues range from campus safety to academic advising. Each member is allocated a special projects fund with which to put on programs.

Members typically work together on some issues and alone on others. Senators also take on Senate Aides to assist them in logistical and other aspects of their tasks. Senate members also will serve on several committees across the campus to represent their constituents on the administration level. Faculty senate, Academic Integrity Committee and Parking and Transportation are just a few issues worked upon. The committees that a senator serves on will typically conform to the issues that they will be working on.


Elected Officers

The ASUA Senate

William Box

Trey Cox

Ellen Dunn

Jack Emery

Michael Finnegan

Elena Gold

Brooke Serack

Joey Steigerwald

Joshua Wexler

Joe Zanoni

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Executive Vice-President serves as the Chairman of the Student Body Senate and the Chief Club Advocate for the 500+ clubs and organizations on campus.  Our office provides a number of opportunities to campus clubs and organizations including mail service, fundraising assistance, recruitment programming, marketing techniques, and club funding! 
There are five appointed Club Advocates who serve as a resource to clubs and organizations.  Each club or organization on campus is assigned to a trained club advocate, who can assist in any of these areas. 

Administrative Vice-President is responsible for assisting the directors in establishing a working budget, planning events, and being available in case of emergencies. The position basically entails overseeing all 10 programs and services and ensuring that all is functioning as planned, as well as being knowledgeable about other events in ASUA. The Administrative Vice-President also sits on various committees throughout ASUA and the University.

Student body President acts as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and most importantly, the Chief Spokesperson for the students.  Responsibilities of the student body President include creating committees, programs, services, projects, and various task forces. The President is responsible for all of Associated Students funds, and insuring these funds are spent according to legislative branch direction, the University of Arizona and Arizona Board of Regents current policies. The student body President is one of the three Arizona Students' Association Directors. The President also supervises advocacy units: ASA, Academic Affairs, University Relations, Community Relations and Media Relations within ASUA. Essentially, the student body President is involved with every legislative decision and oversees all ASUA operation. EMAIL: asuapres@email.arizona.edumailto:asuapres@email.arizona.edushapeimage_20_link_0