Cultural Heritage Centers

Cultural Centers:

African American Student Affairs
Facilitates a support system that helps students achieve academic excellence and an enriching African American cultural experience.

Asian Pacific American Student Affairs
Provides academic and personal support through program implementation, leadership opportunities, and advocacy for APA student issues.

Chicano/Hispanic Student Affairs & Resource Center
Offers innovative retention programs that encourage academic achievement, personal development, and integration into the University academic community.

  1.      Native American Student Affairs
    Recruits and transitions American Indian/Alaska Native students into the University by providing academic, cultural, and personal support.

  2.      ASUA Pride Alliance

        A resource center that offers a safe, supportive social and academic environment to                           l       lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students.

International/Cultural Clubs & Organizations:

African Students Association

Bhakti Yoga

Filipino American Student Association

Hong Kong Student Association

Iranian American Student Association

Japanese Association

Kuwaiti Student Association

Taiwan Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association